Located in West Africa, Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in the world and one of the largest economies in Africa.

Through our programs, we have served approximately 4.6% of the 8,550 Catholic Sisters in Nigeria.

181 million
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ASEC's work in Nigeria

ASEC works with 75 congregations registered with the Nigerian Conference of Women Religious (NCWR).

SLDI has been working in Nigeria since 2007.

SLDI has served 330 unique participants in the program.

SLDI Evaluation Reports

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HESA has been working in Nigeria since 2014.

HESA is supporting 94 sisters to study for degrees and diplomas.

HESA Evaluation Reports

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Nigeria Partners

Catholic University College of Ghana (CUG)  (Ghana)
Partnered with Chestnut Hill College to deliver the HESA program for sisters in Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria. Sisters can select from various bachelor's degree programs relevant to their ministries, specifically education and business administration/economics.

Chemchemi Ya Uzima Institute  (Nairobi, Kenya)
HESA sisters, through the Onsite Model, are studying for Bachelor’s degrees in Theology or Catechetics.

Tangaza University College  (Nairobi, Kenya)
Services HESA sisters through the Onsite Model. SLDI alumni can complete the program in one-year. Sisters are studying for Diplomas in Leadership and Resource Management.

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)  (Nairobi, Kenya)
Partnered with Marywood University to support the HESA program in East Africa. Sisters complete one full year via online distance learning delivered by Marywood University and transfer to CUEA to complete their degrees.

Hobatta Globe Nigeria Limited (HGNL)  (Nigeria)
SLDI partners with Hobatta Globe Nigeria Limited (HGNL), as well as individual instructors to facilitate workshop sessions and to develop and update the SLDI curricula.

Nigerian Conference of Women Religious (NCWR)  (Nigeria)

Sacred Heart School of Nursing  (Nigeria)

Veritas University Abuja  (Abuja, Nigeria)
HESA is partnered with Veritas University, for sisters to studying through the Onsite Model. Through this partnership sisters can select from various bachelor's’ degree programs relevant to their ministries, e.g. education, accounting, political science and diplomacy.

Sisters from Nigeria are also studying in Kenya through ASEC partnerships with Tangaza College, Chemchemi Ya Uzima Institute, and Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

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