SLDI Program Objectives

The Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI)

SLDI Program Objectives

  1. To increase leadership and technology competencies of the participants
  2. To assist SLDI alumnae to become lifelong learners, educators, and leaders
  3. To support the development and continuation of participant mentoring relationships to broaden the impact of the program
  4. To assist participants and alumnae to use acquired skills and knowledge to enhance and sustain their ministries
  5. To disseminate best practices and models of innovative access to education

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Critical Success Factors (SLDI Phase IV)

ASEC identified critical success factors that have been essential to increasing SLDI growth and effectiveness and to strengthening the program:

Engage SLDI stakeholders

Engage SLDI stakeholders in the evaluation process, including ASEC Board members, Staff, SLDI Instructors, Coordinators, and SLDI Alumnae.  In 2015, valuable input for the Phase IV evaluation was gained through focus groups:

  • 2 focus groups were held with stakeholders in the US
  • 7 focus groups were held with stakeholders in East and West Africa

Tailor the curriculum to the needs of African sisters

Tailor the curriculum to the needs of sisters in Africa and engage in ongoing assessment and development of the curriculum. ASEC’s Executive Director meets with Instructors to listen to their feedback on the curriculum and integrates their input as appropriate. The cfurriculum was updated in preparation for Phase IV training.

Engage SLDI alumnae

Continue to engage sisters through relevant and practical alumnae workshops so that they can sustain their networks, improve their work, and share experiences.

Establish more partnerships

Establish partnerships and build relationships with organizations and individuals including national and regional associations of sisters, public and private organizations who facilitate SLDI workshops, and college and universities.

Continue research

Continue to conduct research on Catholic sisters in Africa and disseminate results to share best practices.

Increase opportunities for African sisters

Continue to increase opportunities for sisters to access professional and academic education so that they can upgrade their credentials to fit the global demands.

SLDI Evaluation Reports

For questions regarding SLDI, please contact:

Nicole Vilogi-DiPietro, MBA

Nicole Vilogi-DiPietro, MBA

Program Manager, Programs
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