Apply for the Scholarship Program

girls walking to Bigwa schoolOur scholarship program is for women religious to study for high school (level 'A'  form 5 and 6) at Bigwa Secondary School in Morogoro, Tanzania. Sisters may also apply for a scholarship to study for a secondary school equivalency certificate in Tanzania, Malawi or Zambia.

The scholarships will cover costs for tuition/board and room for a selected number of sisters who fulfill the eligibility criteria.

2018 Key Dates and Deadlines 

Two Year Certificate (Secondary School Equivalency)

  • Call for applications on May 14*
  • Application deadline is June 29
  • Scholarships awarded by July 16
  • Scholarship recipients are informed by July 30
  • Formal acceptance of scholarships by August 15
  • Compiled and signed invoices are due September 30

Secondary/High School

  • Call for applications on February 14*
  • Application deadline is March 30
  • Scholarships awarded by April 15
  • Scholarship recipients are informed by April 19
  • Formal acceptance of scholarships by April 30
  • Complied and signed invoices are due May 1

*A reminder will be sent via email to ASEC Programs Coordinator, Tanzania and TCAS Executive Secretary to send the announcements to the congregational leaders.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a woman religious residing in Tanzania or East Africa
  • Must file an application after completion of their level 'O'
  • MUST indicate interest to pursue higher education in specific fields on completion of level 'A'

Application Materials

The application packet MUST include:

  • Level 'O' result slip
  • Admission to Bigwa School / Certificate program
  • Recommendation from the sister's immediate superior
  • Indication that the sister's superior will continue to support your education and professional development
  • A letter of recommendation by TCAS Executive Secretary/President

Scholarship Acceptance

  • Superiors or recipients must send an acceptance letter via email or scanned letter to
  • Must include a passport photo of the recipient with acceptance letter.
  • Awards not accepted by the acceptance deadline (above) will be canceled and offered to another eligible, deserving sister.

Scholarship Renewal

  • Sisters receiving scholarships are evaluated at the end of each academic year to determine if they are eligible for continuation of the scholarship into the next year.
  • Renewal of the scholarship is subject to academic performance and headmistress recommendation.
  • The letter of recommendation and sister's grades must be forwarded to the ASEC office at the beginning of each term.


For questions regarding Scholarships, please contact:

Rosemary A. Shaver, M.Ed.

Rosemary A. Shaver, M.Ed.

Senior Program Manager, HESA & Scholarships