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ASEC is serving Catholic Sisters in 10 sub-Saharan African countries, providing access to educational opportunities. There is much to celebrate regarding the work of ASEC and the impact of Sisters who are benefiting from our programs.

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We encourage current participants and alumnae of our programs contribute their own news and success stories. Below you will find impactful stories and reflections by Sisters, written in their own words.

Computer skills improve my ministry work and allow me to mentor other Sisters by Sr. Roselyne Wambani Wafula, FSP, Tanzania, (1/5/2020)

Uganda Hosts ASEC Staff Training and Celebrates 20th Anniversary by Sr. Mary Lilly Driciru, Uganda, (1/22/2020)

Justice to bring peace and harmony by Sr. Constansia Maria Mosha, RA, Tanzania, (1/27/2020)

Equal justice for the poor by Sr. Veronicah Mongude, Tanzania, (1/27/2020)

Promote justice and cultivate a spirit of reconciliation by Sr. Aline Busane, Tanzania, (1/27/2020)

Being a Voice to the Voiceless by Sr. Selina Bhoke, HSS, Tanzania, (1/27/2020)

Drinking a cup of confidence after SLDI training by Sr. Mary Joseph, NSA, Tanzania, (1/27/2020)

Alumnae 2020 by Sr. Chricencia Mkume, Zambia, (2/13/2020)

Gods time is the best by Sr. Judith Nkolonga, SOM, Zambia, (2/13/2020)

Teaching children about hunger relief by Sr. Seniorina Lucian, SCB, Tanzania, (2/28/2020)

The challenges of technology in togetherness by Sr. Roselyne W., Tanzania, (2/28/2020)

Defining hunger by Sr. Constansia Maria Mosha, Tanzania, (2/29/2020)

Hunger relief - What action to take by Sr. Maria N. Issaya, Tanzania, (2/29/2020)

Why are People in Africa Facing Chronic Hunger? by Sr. Linda Okereke, CP, Tanzania, (2/29/2020)

The Existence of Hunger by Sr. Alfonsia Aloyce, Tanzania, (2/29/2020)

Responding to environmental degradation and climate change by Sr Hellen Rumbidzai Jonasi, Malawi, (3/6/2020)

Sr Ndawala saves lives of more than 400 households from hunger by Sr Teresa Mulenga, Malawi, (3/6/2020)

Sr Lucia Mothe is addressing the issue of older persons after being trained by ASEC by Sr Lucia Mothe, HFB, Lesotho, (3/7/2020)

Celebrating the feast of Saint Marie Eugenie, foundress of the Religious of the Assumption by Sr. Constancia Mosha, Tanzania, (3/24/2020)

Sisters in Tanzania supporting the rights of women and girls by Selina Boke, Tanzania, (3/25/2020)

Behind every successful man there is a woman by Sr. Clementine Maundu, Tanzania, (3/30/2020)

My achievements at Nkozi Hospital by sr. Harriet Bekar Namyalo , Uganda, (4/1/2020)

I am able to do this because ASEC sponsored my education by Sr Amule Florence , Uganda, (4/1/2020)

I am proud to be a girl child - fighting inequality for girls in Nigeria by Sr. Josemaria Anyawu, HFSN, Nigeria, (4/1/2020)

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur lift up an orphaned girl with bad luck by Sr. Veronica Fatoyinbo, SNDdeN, Nigeria, (4/6/2020)

The untold strength of the girl child by Rev. Sr. Helen Omada Obochi, S.O., Nigeria, (4/16/2020)

Sisters in Zambia pray for an end to the pandemic by Sr. Joan Chisala, CSJB, Zambia, (4/20/2020)

The effect of COVID 19 on Nigeria - how sisters are giving back by Sr. Veronica Fatoyinbo, SNDdeN, Nigeria, (4/27/2020)

Building a better world, not building business by Sr. Patricia Daniel, sCC, Tanzania, (4/28/2020)

My business experiences as a child by Sr. Selina Bhoke, Tanzania, (4/28/2020)

Sister receives grant to fight COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi by Sr Teresa Mulenga, Malawi, (4/30/2020)

The Elderly by Sr. Judith Ahuna, SSL, Nigeria, (5/15/2020)

Health outcomes for persons with disabilities by Sr. Judith Ahuna, SSL, Nigeria, (5/15/2020)

The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today by Sr. Constansia Mosha, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

Equal opportunities for girls by Sr. Selina Bhoke, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

To educate a girl is to educate a family by Sr. Roselyne Wambai, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

Girl child is a massive wealth by Sr. Patricia Daniel, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

Boys and girls are both God's creations by Sr. Clementine Maundu, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

Sister teaches young Grace about coronavirus by Sr. Inviolata Kimathy, Tanzania, (5/29/2020)

The negative impact of COVID-19 on the education system by, Zambia, (5/31/2020)

The Voyage of Consecrated Life by Sr. Mary Ezeifeoma, OP, Nigeria, (6/30/2020)

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