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ASEC is serving sisters in 10 sub-Saharan African countries, providing access to educational opportunities. There is much to celebrate regarding the work of ASEC and the impact of sisters who are benefiting from our programs. We encourage our staff, sisters in the program, and friends of ASEC to contribute their own news and success stories. Below you will find impactful stories and reflections written in their own words.

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The Power of Togetherness, ASEC Staff Forging Forward to Achieve ASEC Mission!

The Power of Togetherness, ASEC Staff Forging Forward to Achieve ASEC Mission!

Jan 20, 2017: [Tanzania] The power of working together as a team as evident during ASEC staff development training in Tanzania.

Srs. Eleanora, Francisca, Germina and Martha (clockwise from top left) participating in the ASEC staff training.

ASEC Staff Training in Tanzania

Jan 19, 2017: [Tanzania] ASEC Program Directors and Coordinators from ten countries gathered together in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a week-long staff training.

Alumnae Workshop, Tanzania: 64 attendees, including 4 new alumnae from HESA (graduated in December 2016) and 9 mentees of SLDI Alumnae participated in the ASEC alumnae meeting in Tanzania from January 6-8, 2017

2017 Alumnae-mentee networking workshops held in Africa

Jan 6, 2017: [Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda] Workshops held for SLDI and HESA alumnae held in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Donate to ASEC using Amazon Smile

Donate to ASEC using Amazon Smile

Jan 4, 2017: [USA] Shop on Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate to African Sisters Education Collaborative on your behalf!

"Building" a Global Sisterhood

Jan 4, 2017: [USA] Brad Myers, Senior Program Officer, Catholic Sisters Initiative, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, offers a few lessons learned about working with his hands to build material things that apply equally as well to working with our minds to build immaterial things like the global sisterhood.

Reflecting on our work in 2016 (Executive Director Reflection)

Reflecting on our work in 2016 (Executive Director Reflection)

Jan 3, 2017: [USA] As we enter 2017 with hope and optimism, Sr. Jane Wakahiu reflects on all of the events and accomplishments of ASEC throughout 2016.

Sr. Rosemarie Nassif, SSND, Ph.D., Director of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Catholic Sisters Initiative (center), was the keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony at CUEA (October, 2016). Here she poses with HESA graduates, ASEC directors, and Dr. Ann Rita Njageh, Deputy Director of  Academic Linkages of CUEA, after the ceremony.

Voice of the Proud Mama

Dec 16, 2016: [Kenya] Sr. Rosemarie Nassif, Guest Speaker at the CUEA commencement in October 2016, reflects on her humbling role as "mama" of the sisters in the ASEC program.

Sister's Voices: ASEC partnership HESA in collaboration with AOSK, Chemchemi ya Uzima Centre

Sister's Voices: ASEC partnership HESA in collaboration with AOSK, Chemchemi ya Uzima Centre

Dec 14, 2016: [Kenya] Sr. Emma reflects on how HESA, in collaboration with the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya and Chemchemi ya Uzima Centre, is training a new breed of catechists who are integrated.

Transformed Person... Transformed Society

Transformed Person... Transformed Society

Dec 13, 2016: [Kenya] Sr. Rosemarie Nassif, guest of honor at the CUEA graduation in October, 2016, shares 3 stories exemplifying a transformed person... transformed society through the themes of know yourself, give yourself away, and live your passion.

Sr. M. Tryphina Buchard, STH, ASEC Director in Tanzania, behind the wheel of her van.

Cars for Coordinators

Dec 9, 2016: [none] Funding was provided to purchase cars for our country coordinators in Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania to help with travel to conduct ASEC business in an effort to further our mission.

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