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ASEC is serving sisters in 10 sub-Saharan African countries, providing access to educational opportunities. There is much to celebrate regarding the work of ASEC and the impact of sisters who are benefiting from our programs. We encourage our staff, sisters in the program, and friends of ASEC to contribute their own news and success stories. Below you will find impactful stories and reflections written in their own words.

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Sr. Eunice, one of the beneficiaries of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation SLDI Alumnae Signature Grant, received $25,000 to purchase a Cervical Screening machine.

World Cancer Awareness Day 2017: Acknowledging ASEC sisters in the fight against cancer

Feb 4, 2017: [Nigeria] On World Cancer Awareness Day 2017, ASEC would like to acknowledge the sisters working to prevent, treat and support individuals in their fight against cancer.

Sr. Germina, ASEC Country Director in Uganda, signing the DHL delivery note to receive the laptops

Laptops have arrived in the Uganda office for HESA and SLDI students

Feb 1, 2017: [Uganda] The 100 laptops are a donation from ASEC Office in USA to the Ugandan sisters who will participate in the SLDI and HESA programs this year.

Sr. Clarisse Remjika Jaiwo, ASEC Director, Cameroon, searching for an internet connection on the side of the road.

Internet connectivity issues resolved for sisters in Cameroon

Feb 1, 2017: [Cameroon] Almost all sisters have been moved to locations with internet connectivity, thanks to the understanding of the Superiors and their commitment to have the Sisters continue studies

Cardinal Sebastian Koto Khoarai

Lesotho celebrates its first Catholic Cardinal

Jan 31, 2017: [Lesotho] Supporters joined Lesotho King Letsie III to celebrate the installation of the country's first and only Catholic cardinal, His Eminence Sebastian Koto Khoarai.

Uganda Alumni new executive members with Uganda ASEC staff. From L-R: Sr Mary Germina Keneema MSMMC (ASEC Director-- Uganda), Sr. Mary Goretti Nassuuna LSOSF (Member), Sr. Anne Jolly GSS Namugga (Secretary), Sr. Julie Awacango SHS (Treasurer), Sr. Theresa Nakamya DM (Chairperson), Sr. Petronilla Kyomugisha MSMMC (Vice-Chairperson), Sr. Irene Lucy Onyai LSMIG (ASEC Programs Coordinator-- Uganda)

ASEC Uganda Alumni Association gets new executive members

Jan 24, 2017: [Uganda] Uganda Alumni Association elects new executive members during their Annual workshop and general meeting at Ggaba National Major Seminary in Kampala, Uganda.

ASEC board members Brighid Blake (standing, top) and Terri Peters (bottom, right) pose for a group photo with ASEC staff.

Team Building in Tanzania

Jan 23, 2017: [Tanzania] Brighid Blake, ASEC board member, reflects on staff team building during her recent visit to Tanzania to present the draft strategic plan to ASEC staff.

The Power of Togetherness, ASEC Staff Forging Forward to Achieve ASEC Mission!

The Power of Togetherness, ASEC Staff Forging Forward to Achieve ASEC Mission!

Jan 20, 2017: [Tanzania] The power of working together as a team as evident during ASEC staff development training in Tanzania.

Srs. Eleanora, Francisca, Germina and Martha (clockwise from top left) participating in the ASEC staff training.

ASEC Staff Training in Tanzania

Jan 19, 2017: [Tanzania] ASEC Program Directors and Coordinators from ten countries gathered together in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for a week-long staff training.

Alumnae Workshop, Tanzania: 64 attendees, including 4 new alumnae from HESA (graduated in December 2016) and 9 mentees of SLDI Alumnae participated in the ASEC alumnae meeting in Tanzania from January 6-8, 2017

2017 Alumnae-mentee networking workshops held in Africa

Jan 6, 2017: [Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda] Workshops held for SLDI and HESA alumnae held in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

"Building" Global Sisterhood

Jan 4, 2017: [USA] Brad Meyers, Senior Program Officer, Catholic Sisters Initiative, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, offers a few lessons learned about working with his hands to build material things that apply equally as well to working with our minds to build immaterial things like the global sisterhood.

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