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Sr. Juliana Chibaula Zulu, RGS

Sr. Juliana Chibaula Zulu, RGS

Director – Zambia

Areas of Expertise: broadcast journalism

My name is Juliana Chibaula Zulu, commonly known as Sr. Julie. I was born in the Eastern Province of Zambia and come from a family of 9. I'm the 4th born child of Mr and Mrs Chibaula, both Late. I am a journalist and have spent most of her time in broadcasting on both radio and television. I find joy and happiness in doing things right, tirelessly and with passion.

I belong to the congregation of the Good Shepherd Sisters (RGS) of Chipata with 84 members by August 2016. Good Shepherd Sisters of Chipata are a diocesan congregation founded in 1976 by Late Cardinal Medardo Joseph Mazombwe in the catholic diocece of Chipata in the Eastern province of Zambia. It is a pastoral congregation answering the needs of the local church and beyond. We are involved in all activities for the integral growth of the human person that, "All may obtain salvation."

I am so grateful to be part of the ASEC team to serve our sisters and the church.

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