Sisters in Zambia share experiences about the SLDI program

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Group photo of SLDI Administration Track I partipants, Zambia

20 sisters are currently enrolled in the Administration Workshop in Lusaka, Zambia share their experiences about the SLDI program.

The administration Track I course that is currently going on in Lusaka with 20 sisters is a unique and interesting one with the different personalities and ministries.  About half of the class attended either Basic Technology or Web design in 2016 and have their own stories to share.

Sisters who are heading schools, hospitals and other administrative ministries have taken the one month Administration course seriously and say they needed such skills to perform their duties well. One of the sisters who attended basic technology in 2016 expressed the importance of the course which prepared her to join the program.

I had the privilege to attend the Basic Technology Course. I am back again this year in Kalundu Study Centre for the course on leadership. The knowledge I acquired in the last year’s course has been helpful so far in this course," explains Sr Biatar Ndlove.

We had to put anti virus into the laptops. The procedure and the language used for setting up the antivirus into our laptops was not new this time that has made it easier for me to go through the steps without difficulties. Having learnt how to create and manage files and documents on the computer was a great skill. Thanks to ASEC.

I am so delighted and feel happy that I have created documents and have put them into files and named them in such a way that makes it easy for me to find them. I am also managing to create a file for all the facilitator’s notes/input to be in one place for easy access too and making my documents look neat.

It has become easier for me to directly type my notes on the laptop during class sessions as I can now easily operate the tools on Microsoft word tool bar and menu, and also use the shortcuts on the keyboard.

Attending basic technology course has been beneficial for me in the present administration course and I am glad that I attended it. To have attended the Basic Technology Course is really helping me to manage easier and quicker my documents in word. Sr Margaret Banda cannot hold in her thoughts on what ASEC has done for her.

“I did not know that one day I will participate in this important program that ASEC is providing to religious women and that I will own a laptop in my life. Many thanks to God and ASEC staff and board in the United States of America who have given me one,” she said.

She further says her work has become easier with the use of the important apparatus which she will guard jealously. Sister Margaret prays that the Lord may bless and reward the donors abundantly for their generosity.

The program is being facilitated by Hedwig Nafula from Nairobi Kenya at Kalundu study centre in Lusaka Zambia.

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Sr. Juliana Chibaula Zulu, RGS

Sr. Juliana Chibaula Zulu, RGS
Director – Zambia  

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