The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA) leave Zambia

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MSOLA, who have been working in Zambia for 115 years, are closing their house and leaving Zambia this February 2017.

The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLA), who have been working in Zambia for 115 years are closing their house and leaving Zambia this February 2017.

The sisters who arrived in Chilubula Mission in the Northern part of the country in 1902 were the pioneers to evangelise in areas of pastoral, education, health, social work and many other works for the integral growth of a person.

Speaking when biding farewell last Saturday, on behalf of Zambia Association of Sisterhoods chairperson, Sr Prisca Matenga exhalted the sisters for their exemplary life and commitment especially in nurturing the faith of the people, the formation of the Association of sisters in the country and the role they played during all ACWECA Assemblies.

She said these missionary nuns have left behind footprints that will be a reminder to forge ahead as a local church.

In response Sr Flora Roy one of the outgoing sisters said it was their charism to open missions and when it flourishes they leave local people to continue and then go to open new missions elsewhere. She expressed gratitude for the love, support, peace and care they received and enjoyed during their stay in Zambia. She further urged the people of Zambia to remain committed and keep their faith.

Due to few vocations, old age and to form communities, the sisters will join others in different parts of the world.

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Sr. Juliana Chibaula Zulu

Programs Coordinator – Zambia  

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