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Initiated in 2019, ASEC's Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) program supports both the internal strength and the external service of National Conferences/Associations and congregations as they strive to positively impact human development. The internal and external strength of institutions are mutually inclusive and reinforce each other in the ministry of the women religious.

2020 ICB Workshop in Cameroon

Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) Workshop for Major Superiors in Cameroon (2020)

Building strong institutional systems within national conferences/associations and institutes of women religious will ground the professional skills Catholic sisters in Africa have gained through ASEC’s programs like Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI) and Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA), for meaningful impact in the ministry of sisters.

In the ICB program, ASEC recognizes the existing capacity of institutions of women religious in Africa and collaborates in strengthening these systems to improve the vitality and vibrancy of institutions of women religious.

2019 ICB Workshop in Ghana

CMSRGH and local consultants working together to improve internal systems during ASEC's first year of the pilot ICB program (2019).

Learnings from Year 1 Implementation

The ICB Program completed its first year of capacity building in September, 2020. In ICB Year 1, ASEC partnered with consultants in Ghana to primarily focus on building the vitality and internal capacity of the Conference of Major Superiors of Religious in Ghana (CMSRGH), a national institute/conference of women and men religious. Key learnings from Year 1 are shared in the ICB Evaluation Reports section, below.

ICB Evaluation Reports

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