Bigwa Secondary School in Tanzania achieves academic excellence

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ASEC scholarship recipient Fidesta Mashambo graduates from Bigwa Secondary School in 2019. Her academic performance at Bigwa contributed to the school's most improved academic performance award.

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Bigwa Sisters Seminary Secondary School receives “Most Improved Schools” award for high academic performance.

On October 26, 2019, Bigwa Sisters Seminary Secondary School (Bigwa) in Morogoro, Tanzania, received Tanzania’s Best Academic Performance Award in the category of “Most Improved Schools.”

The award was prepared by the Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government (OR-GOVERNMENT) in collaboration with the Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) as a government effort to recognize and congratulate students, teachers, schools, councils and regions that achieved high performance in Tanzania's National Examinations.

Bigwa was recognized in the 8th position with crystal trophies presented by Hon. Selemani S. Jafo (MP), Minister of State, PO-RALG on behalf of the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government Tanzania.

Sr. M. Tryphina Burchard, STH, ASEC’s Director of Tanzania commented,

“We are so grateful for your continuous support to BIGWA Secondary School. The school is progressing academically nationwide.”

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Crystal awards received by Bigwa for Tanzania Best Academic Performance

Crystal awards received by Bigwa for Tanzania Best Academic Performance "Most Improved Schools"

Bigwa is a residential high school for religious women in Morogoro, Tanzania. Through ASEC’s Scholarship Program, women religious are awarded with two year scholarships to complete their secondary school education and receive their high school diplomas. Women supported by ASEC scholarships are typically in their twenties and have gone through the formation program in their communities. Upon obtaining her degree, each graduate is able to qualify for higher levels of education and become more effective in her ministry work to the poor. 

ASEC's support efforts at Bigwa are multidimensional. In addition to tuition scholarships, ASEC has also facilitated the construction of a dining hall, a dormitory, a fish pond and a state-of-the-art Science laboratory consisting of three well-equipped biology, physics and chemistry labs!

In celebration of the recent success of Bigwa, ASEC plans to donate ten desktop computers to the school so students can continue to achieve academic success. 

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) is a non-profit organization facilitating access to education for women religious in sub-Saharan Africa. Graduates of ASEC’s programs demonstrate that educating a Sister can result in rippling, far-reaching impacts that significantly contribute to sustainable development in Africa. Learn more at

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, ASEC Executive Director,  at 570-961-4700 or

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Sr. M. Tryphina Burchard, STH

Sr. M. Tryphina Burchard, STH
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Amy Fedele

Amy Fedele
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