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Be a Ray of Hope for Fidesta Paul Mashambo

Fidesta wants to be a medical doctor so she can control diseases like cancer, malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Your sponsorship will provide Fidesta Paul Mashambo with secondary school tuition; the first step in achieving her career goals. Just $20 will bring a Ray of Hope into her life and those she will serve.

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Meet Fidesta, the future of quality healthcare

While communities across Africa are making strides in health and wellness, there are still many people suffering from preventable diseases.

Fidesta Paul Mashambo is one of the future leaders in medicine for Tanzania. She wants to be a medical doctor but doesn't have the resources to attend school. With your support, she will be able to care for those suffering from disease, illness and preventable death. There are so many people in Africa who desperately need these skills in order to overcome their sickness and manage their health.

Your donation to ASEC's educational programs will provide the skills Fidesta needs to serve her community and achieve her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Enjoy Fidesta's essay below— you'll quickly see how much hope she holds for the future of Africa. You can help her make greater strides towards health and wellness in Africa by donating to support her education today.

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Due to the education that I get from Bigwa sisters seminary I wish to become a medical doctor as it is my ambition. This is because many people are suffering from various diseases like cancer, malaria, HIV AIDS and others. These diseases affect their life and sometimes causes death. And so I wish to help them so that they can recover and be aware on how to control the diseases that affect their life.

In order to achieve my goal I need to struggle and study hard by getting high marks like grade A in my subjects and finding various materials concerning with my ambition. All these will be achieved due to your financial assistance as my relatives cannot manage to pay for me the school fees and I wish even to study up to the masters level.

Therefore, I will make sure that the education and good morals that I get from Bigwa Sisters Seminary I will apply them to different societies so that they can print positive results.

Thank you very much and may the Almight God bless you.

Become a Ray of Hope today

Your sponsorship will provide Fidesta Paul Mashambo with secondary school tuition; the first step in achieving her career goals. Just $20 will bring a Ray of Hope into her life and those she will serve.

Bigwa Tuition Costs: $200 (one trimester) | $600 (one year) | $1200 (two years)

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