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The SLDI Financial Management course runs from May 5, 2014 to May 31, 2014. The course is offered at the Pastoral Center, Bamenda.

Our Cameroon Finance group using their laptops.


Featured below - a group photograph of the Cameroon class.

Featured from left to right in the front row stooping: Sr. Vera Ndifoin, SST and Sr. Angele Nsoga, SSA

Next row from left to right: Sr. Cingred Agbor, HHCJ, Sr. Cordelia Anikwem, TSSF, Sr. Mayake Madeleine, TSSF, Sr. Marion Arrey, HHCJ, Sr. Immaculate Ndikefor, SSJIHM, Sr. Rita Sebastian, SSA, Sr. Kaki Tamba, MSHR, Sr. Gwendoline Bijisang, SST, Sr. Clarisse Remjika, SST, Coordinator

Last row from left to right: Sr. Franca Suiynyuy, MSHR, Sr. Thelca Ndidi, MSHR, Sr. Gratia Sirri, TSSF, Sr. Magdalen Ngu, OP, Sr. Alice Nkiangu, SST, Sr. Euphemia Beri, TSSF, Sr. Rose Djeazet, SHF, Sr. Therese Bantar, SST, Dr. Murray (Instructor)

Missing from photograph: Sr. Louise Acha, SSA and Sr. Mary Magdalene, SHF.


Featured below is Dr. Murray explaining some class material to Sr. Kaki Tamba and Sr. Cordelia Anikwem.


Featured below is Fr. Michael Niba, the Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University of Bamenda, welcoming Dr. Murray and participants to the campus at the start of the program.


Featured below are Srs. Cingred, Immaculate, Kaki, and Angele, during one of their group discussions.


Featured below is Dr. Murray, receiving a token of gratitude from class participants, presented by Sr. Ndidi Thecla, MSHR.


Featured below is a group picture of Dr. Murray and class participants after receiving his traditional outfit from Cameroon.


Featured below is Dr. Gomaa and students during a group assignment.


Featured below is Dr. Murray (Facilitator) and Sr. Clarisse (Coordinator) - Finance Track I


Featured below is Dr. Murray on the eve of his departure addressing the students.


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