SLDI Program in Ghana: A Perspective

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

ASEC-SLDI Instructor Bright E. Biney reflects on the SLDI program and how its affected Sisters in Ghana.

“The best way to feel hopeful is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. You can only fill the world and yourself with hope if you go out and make some good things happen” – Barack Obama

The African Sisters Education Collaborative/Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (ASEC/SLDI) in partnership with Major Superiors, is filling our world with hope and is making great strides in Africa. ASEC is currently supporting women religious in ten African countries, of which Ghana is included.

I am privileged to have facilitated the Basic Technology Course in Ghana since 2013. I have had a lots of interactions with women religious from all parts of Africa, most of whom work in deprived areas, reaching out and giving assistance to the poor and marginalized in society.

Most Reverend Sisters across the African Continent struggle with leadership responsibilities because they are assigned with little or no formal preparation and most often from the very early stages of their religious life. They work hard, sacrifice their lives and utilize their meager and mostly scarce resources to better the lot of the poor and marginalized in society. Due to scarcity of resources, most Rev. Sisters were unable to build, improve and empower themselves until the establishment of ASEC/SLDI.

The institutionalization of the ASEC/SLDI Program has given hope to women religious and is in the process of building the capacity and empowering thousands of Reverend Sisters to work more efficiently and to make use of modern technology to reach out to a larger proportion of the needy and marginalized in society.

Through the ASEC/SLDI program, thousands of women religious are able to work independently, reach out and write proposals to secure funding to support their ministries and their work. Reverend Sisters who have attended such workshops have become more confident and motivated to think outside the box and undertake projects that aim at improving the standard of living for those they serve by focusing on areas where the needs are greatest.

I was touched when a Reverend Sister told me that the act of obedience always comes with a price and the feeling of fulfillment. She enrolled on the Basic Technology Course out of obedience when she was nominated by her Superior and she reluctantly presented herself for the workshop, unaware of the wonderful experiences she was missing out on. The workshop enabled her gather enough skills to advance the course of her work in her small community and now every sister on her congregation wants to be part of the ASEC/SLDI Program.   

The support provided by ASEC/SLDI through the Conrad Hilton Foundation is massive, ranging from the provision of ultramodern laboratory facilities, resources for all courses offered and provision of laptops and other amenities to facilitate the work of women religious. 

Women religious in our part of the world have become more enthusiastic towards their work as they are now getting the support to excel and make the needed impact. Reverend Sisters are now empowered to work to support themselves and to be in a better position to help the needy and marginalized in society.

As rightly said by Mandy Hale, “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” Thanks to ASEC/SLDI.

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Bright E. Biney
ASEC/SLDI Instructor - Ghana  

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