Sr. Consolata excels at proposal writing after SLDI training

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Sr. Consolata serves very demanding ministry of finance/accounting, but always keeps a warmth and joy about her. In her later years of life, she may consider pursuing project management as a career because of how much she enjoys proposal writing.

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Sr. Consolata reflects on the power of effective communication and her personal success. Since her SLDI finance training ended in 2009, she has written over 60 project proposals, in which 75% of have been successful!

Nothing less than “a very successful programme” comes to my mind every time I think of ASEC’s Sisters Leadership Development Initiative (SLDI) programme. If there are lucky people in this world, count me as one of them. I cannot give back enough in exchange for the transformation I have received after completing an intensive 10-week training on financial management over the span of 3 years (2007 to 2009).

From the words of my facilitator, Victoria Mutiso,  “make use of every opportunity that falls in your life”.  I always listen to her powerful advice. My religious Superiors also have great appreciation for their decision to give me this opportunity. It has had a great impact on our Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Anna, and beyond.

People wonder how I keep warmth and joy while serving in the very demanding ministry of finance/accounting. In all honesty, I have enjoyed every bit of it! I always looked forward to everything. I look forward each day I go to the office and serve. As an evening student I look forward to attending lessons as well as returning home after 9:00pm nearly every day to meet my sisters. I always maintain a high level of enthusiasm and passion.

At the SLDI training workshops, I gained a lot of personal growth.  I am able to see myself surrounded by the following:

  • team spirit
  • team work
  • delegation
  • positive and negative feedback
  • mentorship
  • self-motivation
  • building self-esteem
  • being dependable
  • time management
  • being a reliable steward
  • being an effective communicator
  • and many others

I am proud to mention without exaggeration that most of these attributes have turned my personality into what it is today.

Looking at what I do with the knowledge acquired during the training, someone may think that I have majored in project writing. I have gotten very involved in proposal writing. Receiving a response from a donor, whether positive or negative, just excites me. When the response is positive: I am happy for the success. When negative: I still appreciate that someone took time to read my proposal and took the time to respond to me.  It also gives me a chance to improve what I failed to do correctly. Since 2009 I have written over 60 proposals, 75% of which have been successful. I still keep writing. I often contemplate whether to pursue project management as a career in my later years of life.  

After the SLDI training I have also been doing very well in

  • report writing
  • report presentation (public speech, giving clarity on the subject matter)
  • financial statement presentations
  • working with computer (different programs like Word, Excel, Quick Books etc.), and
  • informal mentorship to anyone who seeks my assistance.

In a recent workshop a student in our programme confessed “I didn’t know that Sr. Consolata is an accountant, I thought she has done social communication.” I appreciate that people create time to communicate to me and the best I can do is to be responsive. This has made me realize that a lot can be achieved through effective communication.

My motivation has been built in the following:

  • To have a truck of record and see success come true
  • To serve widely and become the person I desire to be 
  • To participate in improving the situations of other people (through projects writing and other guidance)  


Article Submitted by:

Sr. Consolata Aloo

SLDI Alumna (2009) - Kenya  

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