ASEC: Our Team

Sr. Catherine Wanza, LSOSF

SLDI Mentee - Kenya

Sr. Catherine Wanza did not go through the ASEC program personally. She was mentored by Sr. Anisia Kitaka, LSOSF, who graduated from our SLDI program (Administration Track, 2009). Sr. Catherine reported being mentored by Sr. Anisia, a member of her congregation, on an almost-daily basis for two years. She said she learned skills in management, reporting, project writing, and curriculum development. Sr. Catherine has shared her knowledge with others through the mentorship of other sisters and even the boys in Ukweli Home. In fact, some of the boys are trained to serve as mentors for the other boys. Sr. Catherine added that as a result of Sr. Anisia's mentorship, she was able to take risks, has less stress, and feels more organized.