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Sr. Mamokotjo Francina Mokoteli, SNJM

Sr. Mamokotjo Francina Mokoteli, SNJM

Director – Lesotho

I’m a religious sister with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary congregation

originating from Canada. I’m staying in Lesotho and nationally Mosotho. I’m the fourth child in a family of ten. My family gave me strong roots in the spirit of caring and sharing. 

These roots continued to grow in youth organizations in which I was a member for many

years. When I joined a religious congregation, it was for my other level; another

ground level for my roots to grow deeper and strongest. Thus, I felt strongly drawn towards

nurturing these values and related ones forever more.

I’m a teacher by profession and have enjoyed a great amount of time spent with young ones. However, working at St. Angela Home for physically disabled children as Chief Executive Officer drove my passion for serving. It felt fulfilling to contribute to the caretaking and well-being of those special people.

I graduated as Laudato SI’ animator in 2021 which has inspired me to dedicate a portion of my time monthly to encouraging environmental awareness in parishes and villages with the use of a media like radio. I got involved in some campaigns and community empowerment working directly in the youth’s world, needy, street – housed people and the rejected these things in one way or the other inspired my involvement in caring for Mother Earth.

I enjoy giving speeches on topics such as spirituality of work, Ubuntu living and self-identity.

My hobbies include gardening, cooking, singing and reading.

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