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Lisa A. Lori, JD

Lisa A. Lori, JD

Charter Member of the Board of Directors
Representing Marywood University
President, Marywood University

Areas of Expertise: legal, leadership, business and entrepreneurship experience, and intellectual property

Lisa A. Lori, J.D. currently serves as Marywood's 13th President, also holding the distinction of being the institution’s first lay president. President Lori’s distinguished qualifications include a dynamic leadership record as Marywood’s former Board Chair, along with an extensive legal background, reflecting a growing national trend of lawyer presidents, whose legal training and strategic expertise are highly sought in the challenging, complex climate of higher education.

A proud Marywood alumna, President Lori is committed to further expanding Marywood’s scope of influence in higher education so that a broader range of students can come to know and love the University as much as she does. Working diligently to advance Marywood’s life-changing mission, she collaborates with campus and community partners to ensure that Marywood University is a leading academic institution for today’s students and for future generations, as well as an economic engine for the region