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The SLDI Administration I course runs from August 1, 2014 to September 1, 2014. The course is offered at AWRIM G/H & St. Theresa.

Featured above is the Administration I class in Malawi rejoicing over the receiving of their laptops.

Greetings from the Sisters in Malawi!

We have begun our workshop and it is going very well.  We have 20 Sisters from 11 congregations.  The participants are excited with the laptops and they have started using them.  They send their sincere thanks to the donors for supporting them.  This has completely changed their lives and mindset.


Featured above are students in their leasership class.


Featured above is Sr. Mercy receiving her laptop from Brighid.


Featured above is Sr. Miika receiving her laptop.


Featured above is Sr. Victoria receiving her laptop.


Featured above is another image of the sisters rejoicing after receiving their laptops.

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