SLDI Phase IV: Basic Technology & Web Design Workshops

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)
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Thus far in 2016, 16 of the 28 technology workshops have been completed, with 358 sisters participating to date.

Basic Technology & Web Design Workshops

In the first year of the SLDI program, sisters participate in a technology workshops and complete either the Basic Technology track or the Web Design track, depending on their skill level. In Basic Technology workshops, sisters learn how to use computers, navigate the internet, send and receive email, engage with social media, and utilize software programs, such as the Microsoft office suite. In the Web Design track, sisters learn how to build and manage websites.

Thus far in 2016,16 of the 28 technology workshops have been completed, with 358 sisters participating to date.

An anticipated 584 sisters will be trained through the technology workshops by the end of the year.

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