SLDI Graduations, End of Phase III

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From August - December, 2015, SLDI participants will celebrate their graduation from the SLDI Program.

SLDI Graduation, Nigeria, September 2015.

Beginning in August 2015 through December 2015, SLDI participants will celebrate their graduation from the SLDI Program. Sisters participated in either Technology or Web Design in Year I, and then branched into two tracks - Administrative Leadership or Financial Leadership – which were completed in two month-long workshops from 2014-2015. Graduation marks the culmination of the 2-year program and is a time for the sisters, their Instructors, and SLDI staff to reflect on all that has been gained during the program, as well as the new opportunities that lie ahead.

In total, 785 sisters will graduate from nine countries - 80 from Cameroon, 80 from Ghana, 100 from Nigeria, 100 from Kenya, 100 from Uganda, 100 from Tanzania, 80 from Malawi, 82 from Zambia, and 36 from South Sudan. SLDI graduation photos are featured in the Sisters in Action section of this newsletter.

ASEC Board members, staff, and other partners were present for SLDI graduations ceremonies at each graduation site.

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