Introduction of ASEC Program in Malawi

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Sr. P. Chagomerana talks about her experiences with ASEC in Malawi and how it has helped her to gain self-esteem and effectively manage her work.

Pictured above: students from the Basic Technology class held in Malawi, February 2016


Introduction of ASEC program in Malawi

As one of the first African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) graduates I have numerous benefits emanating from the course to share with you but will highlight just a few of them.

To begin with at personal level,

I have adjusted considerably in my attitude towards all issues surrounding my life while self-esteem has positively edged on; all this is due to knowledge and experience gained from the training. Tasks are performed within allotted time to improve efficiency like teaching, Boarding Mistress duties and being a Master’s student.

Secondly I am determined and informed when executing different duties which include teaching and some related assignments while at the same time pursuing post graduate studies at Catholic University sponsored by ASEC. In conflict management, as a Boarding Mistress, I handle effectively day-today issues concerning girls ’ welfare at school. This used to be an insurmountable challenge before but with the training I went through, it is no longer the case. I have the skills to source bursaries for students and effectively distribute them.

Thirdly, just a year after becoming an ASEC graduate, work mates have equally benefited from knowledge gained from the training through interactions and coaching, among others, how to handle various cases concerning girls who are facing different challenges and general administrative issues are dealt with promptly.

Lastly, lessons learnt from ASEC transcend from personal, workplace levels and fellow workers alike which points to the relevance of the program. I will continue to replicate what I learnt during ASEC at my work place.

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SLDI Alumna, Malawi  

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