Technology allows Sisters in Africa to take online classes

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Photos of the sisters who attended the HESA Reflective Learning course at ARU Secretariat.

Sr. Mary Kanyesigye's experience

Group photograph of the Sisters who attended the HESA Reflective Learning course at ARU Secretariat in May 2014.

 From left to right front row

  1. Sr. Mary Germina Keneema Coordinator
  2. Sr. Betty Namatovu
  3. Sr. Mary Kanyesigye
  4. Sr. Nankya Robinah
  5. Sr. Imelda Namyanzi
  6. Sr. Mary Nalule
  7. Sr. Delfina Luma

 Hind row

  1. Sr. Anna Unzia
  2. Sr. Cecilia Nibyobyonka (facilitator)

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