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To assist the sisters in becoming independent life-long learners and local leaders, an alumni association was formed with the participants from Phase I of the SLDI program

To assist the sisters in becoming independent life-long learners and local leaders, an alumni association was formed with the participants from Phase I of the SLDI program. The goal of providing continuing support is to reinforce the growth of self-esteem and leadership competencies experienced through participation in the pilot program. It is expected that each national group will establish and maintain communication. One day gatherings are being scheduled in January or February of 2010 to focus on spirituality. The proposed project includes a one-day workshop that will enhance leadership skills, identify challenges, and discuss solutions.

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"Very quietly you're impacting so many lives through this program."

"...and you're giving these wonderful, faithful women a chance to succeed, and in their own little corner of the world... feel empowered."

-Lisa Mazzarella, HESA Instructor & ASEC Donor

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