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By the end of the three-year program 267 Sisters from Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria completed the program and received a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremonies.

Graduations were a time for celebration in each country. Several Superior Generals were at each one. It was wonderful to talk to the participants and see how they have applied what they have learned.

I was in East Africa from November 20th to December 16th and attended the graduation ceremonies in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. They all went well and the sisters are so proud of their accomplishments. I reviewed the schedule for the next cycle in each country with the organization heads, and scheduled the facilities. Sister Joyce Meyer from the Hilton Foundation was present for the Uganda ceremony. It was nice to have a representative from Hilton there.

At the graduations it was announced that we will be forming an alumni association. Sr. Clementina has already completed work to form this association in Nigeria. She has published a newsletter for them. We will set up a chat line for communication. On graduation days, the Sisters were already talking of the alumni association. Sharing of experiences keeps the experiences alive.

This three-year program served 420 African Sisters in the five African countries of Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria. 301 Sister participants enrolled in the 10 session program and represented 108 congregations. By the end of the three-year program 267 Sisters completed the program and received a certificate of completion at the graduation ceremonies.

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"Very quietly you're impacting so many lives through this program."

"...and you're giving these wonderful, faithful women a chance to succeed, and in their own little corner of the world... feel empowered."

-Lisa Mazzarella, HESA Instructor & ASEC Donor

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