SLDI Session Evaluation: Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya

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This year, our program ran for three target populations - finance, administration, and project directors in five countries. The curriculum was specified and developed for each target population to be taught in two different sessions.

2 different sessions during 2008

Our program ran for three target populations - finance, administration, and project directors in five countries - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ghana. Curriculum was specified and developed for each target population to be taught in two different sessions during 2008.

The courses were offered to:

  • Transfer the skills and knowledge for project management
  • Encourage creative and effective leadership
  • Increase abilities to identify and mobilize resources
  • Expand knowledge of development issues that impact the socio-economic and political life of individuals and communities
  • Enhance human relations competencies
  • Develop strategic planning, and
  • Explore ways and means to ensure the sustainability of the Sisters' projects

The mentoring plan was introduced in this year of the grant. Each Sister was to mentor three people between sessions. Forms and reports were used to monitor the mentoring process. There was a general enthusiasm for the process. The opportunity to mentor gave the participants a new sense of self-esteem and ownership of the information received. The Superiors were pleased the mentoring enabled other Sisters to participate and learn a piece of the content at no cost. The mentees were honored to be able to participate; they felt singled out and graced with an opportunity. They felt the information was practical and enabled them to do some things they previously did not know how to do.

In their reports, the students related the ways in which they used what they learned in the course. There were some great comments about sharing, getting grants, improving communication with work constituencies, and improving the ability to make plans.

The biggest success story of the second year with the enthusiasm with which the participants took to mentoring. Many shared their feelings of empowerment, joy of sharing, and expansion of learning through this project. It helped maintain bonds with their own communities as they shared their leaning and empowered others with their knowledge.

The evaluations indicated a strong recognition of the skill and expertise of the faculty. Many of the Sisters noted that the faculty went out of their way to explain concepts that were more difficult and the faculty checked for comprehension.

Both the East and West Directors were consistent in making arrangements, accommodating the needs of the faculty and the students - sometimes in difficult circumstances - and in keeping up communication with the Scranton office.

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