Sr. Mary receives her diploma in Leadership and Resource Management through the HESA program

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HESA students pose for a group photo before graduation ceremonies at Tangaza University in Nairobi, Kenya.

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After receiving her diploma through the HESA program, Sr. Mary has more confidence and hopes to continue her education to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree.

I am a member of the religious Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Mombasa (SSJ). I joined Tangaza University College as a HESA student in January 2016 and completed my studies in May 2017 with a diploma in Leadership and Resource Management.

When I first set foot in Tangaza Institute of Leadership and Management (CLM), I had a sense of where I wanted to be. I was told by naysayers that I was joining a field with little or no opportunities, but I took a leap of faith. This was the first of multiple leaps I took during the two years CLM was my academic home.

Before I joined CLM, I had no confidence, especially when appointed by the congregation to new apostolate. But I have benefited a lot from my time at CLM. I have full confidence that I can deliver positive results in the different apostolate that are assigned to me by the congregation.

I have learned to freely offer my views and listen to other people’s views. I can confidently make decisions. I have learned many lessons through my experiences, both good and challenging. Through these I have had a lot of personal growth. I have more knowledge, competency, skills and confidence. The real world is much more demanding, but also rewarding. I requested that my congregation allow me to continue with the BA Program through HESA. I know this will mold me to be the best instrument in the vineyard of the Lord and allow me to continue to serve the community well.

The Congregation of sisters of St. Joseph is assured that they have an ambassador wherever they send me. My congregation will benefit from my education, knowledge and newly found confidence. I am going to serve the community so the process of holistic growth will continue. I will continue to share knowledge, mentor and and encourage others by “teaching minds, touching hearts, and transforming their lives.”

I am grateful to the almighty God for His blessings. Thank you HESA for being a resource for me during my diploma program. I appreciate your work and God bless you all.

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Sr. Mary Chizi Lwembe, SSJ

HESA Alumni - Kenya  

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