Using SLDI skills to improve my ministry and mentor others

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Using the skills she learned in the SLDI program, Sr. Vera held a workshop on time management, stewardship and accountability and customer service.

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Sr. Vera used the skills learned in the SLDI program to improve her ministry. She also held a workshop on time management, stewardship and accountability and customer service.

Using skills acquired from the SLDI program, I was able to improve the quality of services rendered at my ministry, the Diocesan Printing Press. After the training, work became less stressful. I became more effective at time management, planning, organizing, directing, monitoring and evaluating my work. Production increased. I am able to manage personnel better than before, which has resulted in increased productivity.

Sharing skills through a workshop

I wanted to share what I learned in SLDI so I organized a two day workshop to teach time management, stewardship and accountability and customer service skills. At the end of the workshop, the attendees confessed that they had very limited knowledge in these areas and the workshop had opened up a world of possibilities and equipped them with skills that will help them to improve.

I felt very good when at the end of the workshop knowing that the new skills will have a positive impact in their lives. I know that a transformation has taken place, and they will see an improvement in the way they approach problems. They are now better managers of time as well!

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Sr. Vera Otia

SLDI Alumna, Cameroon  

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