"This is the best workshop I attended on Administration so far."

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

29 participants of the SLDI Administration II Workshop pose for a group photo. The workshop took place in August 2017 at the Institute for Formators, Du, Jos, Nigeria.

SLDI Administration II workshop participants in Nigeria share their personal experiences about the program.

From 6th August to 2nd September 2017, 29 participants, including three clergy men  from the Catholic Diocese of Osogbo in Nigeria, gathered at the Institute for Formators, Du, Jos in the Sisters Leadership Development Training (SLDI) program.  For the one month program, they all lived like one big family. Many of them expressed their joy for the opportunity given to them by their Superior to attend this unique training. “They are grateful to the initiator of the program and the sponsors as well.  

Here is what some of the participants had to say.

"I have been empowered during the one month program. I learned a lot on the topics: mentoring, integrity, power point presentation, performance appraisal, staff reward, retirement and succession planning, vision, mission, strategic planning, project proposal, writing and sustainability. I found every experience and topic treated to be very helpful. I look forward to sharing my experience with others particularly my mentees as I leave this place. Thank you ASEC/SLDI." -Sr. Veronica Nkom (OLF)

"My experience in this program, despite it being very intensive, was wonderful and successful. It was a privilege for me to participate in it. The professional skills of the facilitators and our coordinators made it possible for me to feel comfortable. I learned a lot from all the topics taught, especially the lessons on stewardship, accountability, and personal integrity. I also learned how to be reliable, responsible, dependable, honest, trustworthy and a servant-leader. This program will help me to carry out my responsibilities in my congregation. With the knowledge acquired, I will be able to perform better in my ministry." -Sr. Sophina Onyegbule (HSM)

"My experience during this 2nd Administration track was truly an interesting, though intense one. It came at a time when I am about to begin the big responsibility of managing a school. I am so delighted to be a part of the program. The topics treated were so very inviting that it made going to class interesting. I learned a lot on the following: communications, team work, problem solving, interpersonal skills, self-direction, flexibility, professionalism, finance, and leadership. I learned how to treat people with respect, trust and integrity, how to manage relationships, how to adapt to stressful situations, and employees record keeping." -Sr. Caroline Onuoha (RJM)

"This program was wonderful. The topics expanded my imagination. My expectations were met and even exceeded.  I’m returning home a well equipped and better person. It was a wonderful experience which will go a long way in reshaping me positively and giving me a new orientation to life. I learned a lot of things but the one I found most enriching was strategic planning. I have learnt that you don’t just dabble in projects without proper planning. Many things go into planning, starting with internal analysis. Then external factors like political, economical, social and technological must be considered as they can affect the project. So before starting anything, comprehensive strategic planning should be done so that the available resources will be adequately used to achieve the identified goals. In summary, everything about this program will be helpful in the future." -Sr. Clementina Akinyosotu(OSF)

"My experience of this program, I would say was awesome and enriching! It has broadened my horizons, and stretched my resourcefulness. It was well-facilitated by competent instructors and we students were all eager to learn. I thank God for this opportunity given to me to be a participant in the program. I gained a lot of insight during this program in the following areas: mentorship, building self- esteem, being dependable, being an effective and reliable steward, how to effectively plan and manage with vision, and having in mind the goals and objectives of whatever activity I intend to embark upon. I feel empowered to be more effective in my apostolate. Having knowledge of strategic planning and monitoring, I feel I have been given a valuable tool to hold onto as a guide and a leader." -Sr. Justina Adejo(ASMJ)                                                                              

"My first experience was the warm welcome I received from Sr. Clementina Obembe and Sr. Clare Adelakun, the coordinators of the ASEC/SLDI program. This was followed by the sisterly love of the participants. We lived and collaborated as one family. The patience and expertise of our facilitators were note-worthy. They enriched us with knowledge, carried us along, and attended to all the questions and challenges we shared. Everything we needed was provided for us. I felt at home. I learned a lot from the following topics: mentoring, effective leadership, accountability, effective management, succession planning and proposal writing." -Sr. Mary Clare Oshaba (OSC)

"The ASEC/SLDI workshop (Administration Track) so far is the best workshop I have attended on Administration. It covers all the topics one would expect of any training on leadership, management, succession planning, strategic planning and proposal writing. The training was top quality. The trainers were good at what they did and were interested in the participants. I feel blessed being a part of the workshop. I found every topic treated very helpful. It was intensive but interesting. The workshop is a blessing for female religious in Africa. God bless the sponsors and all those who are responsible for the training." -Rev. Fr. David Gbenga Olaniyi (Osogbo Diocese)

In conclusion, we also had the privilege of hosting the President of the Nigeria Conference of Women Religious, Sr. Mary Agatha Osarenkhoe, EHJ, who visited us on the 18th of August, 2017.  She was delighted with the program and she encouraged the participants to make use of the opportunity given to them.

Sisters participating in group work during the SLDI Administration workshop.

Sisters participating in group work during the SLDI Administration workshop.

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Sr. Bridget Sim Shekarah, SSL
SLDI Participant - Nigeria  

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM
Volunteer Editor - USA  

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