2006 Lab Manager Training

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Five students were invited from each of the ASEC countries to participate in this training program at Marywood University, Scranton, PA.

This training program was indeed an intensive one. Despite my previous knowledge, there was much to learn, and it was perfectly organized by special people of God. I was apprehensive about traveling to an unknown land and all that was involved with it, but this turned out to be a great experience. I gained a lot of knowledge through this training program. It was indeed a great opportunity to have taken part in it.

Five students were invited from each of the ASEC countries to participate in this training program. There were Sister Jacinthe B. Tumwiine from Uganda, Sister Regina Ignatia Aflah, HDR from Ghana, Sister Eva N. Mutua, CPS from Kenya, Sister Agnes H. Leonard Dondo, CSG from Tanzania and myself Sister Clementina Obembe, OSF from Nigeria.

We had one full month of serious and busy training, 2 weeks were spent at Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia (19 - 30 June), while the other 2 weeks were spent at Marywood University, Scranton (2 - 15 July), both in Pennsylvania, USA. We went through a lot during this training and achieved a lot as well.

The Training

The lectures at Chestnut Hill College include:

  • Setting up a new computer
  • Installing a Second Optical Drive
  • Fixing power cable IDE Ribbon
  • Customizing Settings in Windows XP
  • Customizing the Start Menu
  • Creating User Accounts
  • Pinning Frequently Used Programs to Start Menu
  • Installing Microsoft Office
  • Running Windows Update


These courses were handled by Sr. Rose Albert Rheda, SSJ

Others were:
Software Installation - Anti-Virus software - Symantec corporate edition
Customizing - Start Menu, Desktop Settings, Appearance, Energy Settings.

These were also handled by John Delacy and Sr. Rose Albert Rheda, SSJ

Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania

[2nd - 15th July, 2006]
We went through series of lectures which was taken by Sr. Kathleen, Karen and Mr. Zong.

  • Some of the topics learnt were:
  • Introduction to Computers 
  • Introduction to World Wide Web and E-mail
  • How to use WebCT [for learning and Teaching]
  • Accessing Mail from a Web Browser
  • How to use Complete Microsoft Word 2003 package
  • Key boarding Skills
  • Mail Merge and Forming letters with Microsoft Word 2003
  • Access Application
  • Ode To Spell Checkers


These courses were handled by Sr. Kathleen Buns, IHM

Complete Data base application was handled by Mr. Zong

Complete course on how to manage and run an efficient and successful Computer Laboratory was handled by Karen Boland, M.S. She put us through both the Theory and Practical.

We also had an introduction to Sr. Margaret's, IHM Course, she advised us to register for the course and run it online with the other students in Marywood University in order to have the experience.

The courses were very interesting but stressful because a lot of courses were packed together for this one month, but we struggled very hard to meet up with the demand.

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