I now teach with confidence

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sr. Jane Watenga (sitting, second from right), was part of the e first class of 18 sisters entering the HESA program. They began their online coursework at Marywood University during the spring semester, 2013.

Receiving higher education increased Sr. Jane's self esteem and makes her feel ready to embrace any responsibility.

It is my hope that the ASEC-HESA fire is still burning strongly in all of Africa through the religious sisters who have received empowerment from ASEC. The higher education that I have received has brought many changes in my life. Some of the benefits I acquired include social interaction, academic growth in knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and spiritual growth. My faith has deepened in a God who makes the way where there is no way, and who leads me to appreciate every circumstance in life as it comes along. All these have made my life very different. Thus I am able appreciate it much more holistically.

ASEC has made the dreams of many come true by bringing about improvements in their professional careers. It has played a very significant role in my life because I now teach with confidence. I am able to create an environment where I can deliver what is needed in the students’ lives.  This gives me much peace and joy accompanying the students as they walk along right paths.

Participating in higher education has made me appreciate life. I feel it is good to interact well with others and to embrace every opportunity that comes my way. I even enjoy working in the garden when time allows. I experience joy in serving not only by being in the classroom, but in every other responsibility that needs my attention. This is because receiving higher education has raised my self esteem. Having ASEC-HESA working towards the holistic development of African sisters is truly empowering in a mighty way. We are now ready and able to give back and share our knowledge for the greater good of all society.

I thank God for all our sponsors who came up with the idea to empower African sisters through higher education. May this noble venture carry on for the development of many congregations where sisters are entrusted with important responsibilities. And may those served by these sisters come to appreciate the work they do.

Long live ASEC, long live HESA. May God bless us all.

Sr. Jane Njeri Watenga

HESA Alumna (2012-2016) - Kenya  

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM

Volunteer Editor - USA  

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"Very quietly you're impacting so many lives through this program."

"...and you're giving these wonderful, faithful women a chance to succeed, and in their own little corner of the world... feel empowered."

-Lisa Mazzarella, HESA Instructor & ASEC Donor

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