The SLDI program has made me a “Jack of all trades”

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sr. Clare rejoicing after she received her laptop from the generous donors of the ASEC-SLDI program (2012).

The SLDI program has given Sr. Clare skills, knowledge, enlightenment and technical know-how, making her a “Jack of all trades" and an invaluable member of her congregation.

My Experience as an SLDI Alumnae

Six years after completing my SLDI training in finance, the knowledge and skills acquired have stayed with me and multiply daily. These skills, knowledge, enlightenment and technical know-how have made me a “Jack of all trades”, and successful in a good number of areas, particularly record-keeping.

In my day to day activity, I see myself:

  • Using the skill of effective communication.
  • Applying computer applications in my work, yielding positive output.
  • Employing time management as a great motivator to have better plans and to achieve the goals I set out to do.
  • Keeping daily finance records and proper accounts, and
  • Giving me a vision of the important work entrusted to me and insight into a way to plan for its future.

Living the Impossible Dream

Prior to receiving my SLDI training, what I am now achieving seemed totally impossible. But gradually things have worked out and now I see the training as a wonderful gift from God, and from the sponsors of ASEC. God bless everyone involved in this very beneficial program!

Sr. Clare, DHS and Sr. Leonie, SOM

Sr. Clare, DHS and Sr. Leonie, SOM

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Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM
Volunteer Editor - USA  

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