Kindness goes along way

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Let us ask God to give us the heart of giving. Kindness goes a long way.

Sr. Dorice shares a story with an important moral: God blesses the people who are ready to help their friends with the little that they have.

Dalitso was a student at Mwatipatsa Mwai University. One day, he was taking a walk with Professor Nzeru who was commonly called the students’ friend because of his kindness to those who looked to him for assistance. As they went along, they saw lying in the path a tattered coat and a pair of old shoes. They believed them to belong to a poor man who was employed in a field close by, and who had nearly finished his day’s work.

Dalitso turned to the professor surprisingly saying, “Let us play a trick on the man.  We will hide his shoes and conceal ourselves behind those bushes and wait to see his perplexity when he cannot find them.”

“My young friend,” answered the professor, “We should never amuse ourselves at the expense of the poor. This could add avoidable pressure to the poor man and ourselves. What if you put a coin in each shoe and then we hid ourselves behind the bushes until he finds the coins. We could watch how this affects him,” the professor told the student.

Astonishment and wonder were seen upon the student’s countenance.  

As soon as the two hid themselves, the poor man finished his work and came across the field to where he had left his coat and shoes. While putting on his coat, he slipped his foot into one of the shoes. But feeling something hard, he stooped down to look at the coin, turned it over, and looked at it again and again. He then looked around him on all sides, but no person was to be seen. He put the money into his pocket, and proceeded to put on the other shoe. His surprise was doubled on finding the other coin. His feelings overcame him. He fell upon his knees, looked up to heaven and uttered a loud, fervent thanksgiving in which he spoke of his sick and helpless wife, and his children without bread.  This timely bounty, from some unknown hand, would save them all from perishing.

The student stood there deeply affected, and his eyes filled with tears.

“Now,” said the professor, “Are you not much better pleased than if you had played your intended trick?”

The young man replied, “You have taught me a lesson which I will never forget in my life. I now feel and comprehend the truth of the words found in Acts 20:35, which I never understood before: It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

My dear brothers and sisters learn to give the little you have, especially helping the people who are most in need of our help.  There are many ways of helping people in our life. If we give, God will one day reward us. God blesses the people who are ready to help their friends with the little that they have.

This story should teach us to share the little we have. Let us ask God to give us the heart of giving. Kindness goes a long way.  

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Sr. Dorice Tembo

Sr. Dorice Tembo
SLDI Participant - Malawi  

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM

Sr. Loretta Mulry, IHM
Volunteer Editor - USA  

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