Sisters Begin Degree Program at St. Augustine University - Tanzania (SAUT)

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sisters stand together at their HESA orientation presenting their new laptops (from L-R) Sr. Pelagia Chimpa, Sr. Magreth Kiria, Sr. Restituta Msemwa, Sr. Spesioza Massawe, Sr. Agripina Fidelis, Sr. Efrosina Mbiki, Sr. Venosa Mshana, Sr. Yustina Yilima

Eight sisters in Tanzania attend orientation as they prepare for entry to St. Augustine University through ASEC's HESA program.

Eight sisters attended a HESA orientation on 6-7 September, 2013 at the Holistic Center in Morogoro, Tanzania in preparation for entry into a bachelor’s degree program at St. Augustine University (SAUT), in Mwanza, Tanzania. Sisters will seek degrees in Education. Sisters began their coursework at SAUT on September 9, 2013 and are expected to complete their degree program in three years.

A Framework of Cooperation was signed between ASEC and SAUT on July 25, 2013 creating the second higher education partnership in the HESA program.

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Sr. Efrosina Mbiki, CICM

Sr. Efrosina Mbiki, CICM
Profiled in article
HESA Alumna - Tanzania  

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