2013 Web Design Workshop Results

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

St.VincentdePaulDaughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Province of Nigeria

Serving: Nigeria

DCPBhospitalDaughters of the Charity of the Most Precious Blood

Serving: Nigeria

ChipoleSisters of St. Agnes of Chipole

   Serving:  Chipole, Tanzania

   Web Design by: Sr. Providensia Mango

chavanrodSisters of the Cross of Chavanod

   Serving: Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

   Web Design by:  Sr. Speciosa John

Sarced-Heart-JubaSisters of the Sared Heart of Jesus, Juba

   Serving:  South Sudan

   Web Design by:  Sr. Hellen Lumago

Sacred-Heart-JesusSisters of the Sared Heart of Jesus

   Serving: Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda

   Web Design by:  Sr. Mary Daniel Abut

SacredHeart-SSudanSisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of South Sudan

   Serving: South Sudan

   Web Design by:  Sr. Jane Rose Adiero


Be a Ray of Hope

Communities across Africa are counting on Catholic Sisters, but 71% lack the education needed to carry out their important mission work. You can be a Ray of Hope for a Sister who needs you by donating to her education today.

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