October 2016 Site Visits and Interviews

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

While in Nairobi for the convening, ASEC staff is planning some site visits to SLDI and HESA projects in Kenya

Site visits in Kenya

Our staff will be doing many site visits while in Kenya. Sr. Lina has organized interviews with SLDI/ HESA Alumna. These alumna have projects outside of Nairobi or we are simply unable to visit due to time constraints.

Jen and Rosemary plan to visit:

  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), including focus-group interview with HESA students studying at CUEA and Regina Pacis University College
  • Site Visit/ interviews in Githurai and Kasarani, Nairobi County 

    • Sr. Lilian Njuguna, Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: Cordis Maria Medical Home, including HIV/AIDS projects, Feeding  Programs, and Women Empowerment projects

    • Sr. Catherine Wanza, Little Sisters of Saint Francis (SLDI Mentee)
      Ministry: Ukweli Home, a rehabilitation center for street boys

    • Sr. Esther Wairimu, Little Sisters of Saint Francis (HESA Alumnae)
      Ministry: Hospital Assistant Director; sister is also studying for her master’s degree after completing a BSC in Nursing through HESA

  • Site Visit/ interviews in Adams Arcade, Nairobi County, at the Tumaini Centre, headquarters of the Association of Sisters in Kenya (AOSK)

    • Sr. Agnes Wamuyu, Franciscan Elizabeth Sisters (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: AOSK Secretary General

    • Sr. Celestine Adhiambo, Franciscan Sisters of St. Ann (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: AOSK Chief Accountant

    • Sr. Magdalene Kanini, Incarnate Word Sisters (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry AOSK Peace and Justice Administrator

    • Sr. Josephine Muthoni Kwenga, Sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes (ALDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: AOSK Peace and Justice Department Director

    • Sr. Consolata Owuor, Franciscan Sisters of St. Ann (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: Working for Porticus

    • Sr. Ann Jentrix, Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: Jesuits Haki Mana, Administration

  • Site Visit/ interviews in Limuru, Nairobi County

    • Sr. Ann Kamene, Assumption Sisters of Nairobi (HESA Alumna)
      Ministry: HIV/ AIDS Project

  • Site Visit/ interviews in Ngong, Nairobi County

    • Sr. Lucy Kanjira, Good Shepherd Sisters (SLDI Alumnae)
      Ministry: Formation, previously worked with the elderly

  • Site Visit/ interviews in Karen, Nairobi County

    • Sr. Jacinta Mwangangi, Benedictine Sisters (SLDI Alumna)
      Ministry: Hostel administrator, previously worked at a hospital

    • Sr. Margaret Kaleli, Cottolengo Sisters (SLDI Alumna)
      Ministry: Orphanage

  • Site visit to Tangaza University College, including focus group with the students enrolled at Tangaza and Chemchemi ya Uzima Institute.
  • Site visit/interview to an agriculture project (2 hrs outside of Nairobi)
    • Sr.Mercy Florence: Assumption Sisters of Nairobi(SLDI/HESA Alumnae)
      Ministry: Taking care of the pig project at the Congregation’s Farm.

Interviews and Focus Groups

  • CUEA: one-on-one interviews with HESA Students, alumnae and SLDI alumnae currently participating in HESA
  • Focus Group Interview with Superiors participating in workshop
  • Focus Group interview to a group of Alumnae
  • SLDI/ HESA Alumna ministering outside of Nairobi or whose ministries we were unable to visit:
    • Sr. Mary Mwangi, Sisters of Mary Immaculate – an SLDI Alumna whose ministry rescues girls from FGM and early marriage
    • Sr. Justine Muriuki, Sisters of Mary Immaculate – an SLDI Alumna whose ministry is at a hospital
    • Sr. Mary Moraa, Daughters of St. Paul – an SLDI Alumna whose ministry is managing a Catholic bookshop
    • Sr. Millicent Omondi, Daughters of St. Paul – an SLDI Alumna whose ministry is at Paulines Publications
    • Sr. Alice Mutiga, Incarnate Word Sisters – an SLDI Alumna whose ministry is as a school administrator
    • Sr.Theresia Kathure, Good Sheperd Sisters-SLDI Alumae- Ministry: Preparing to go to School
    • Sr.Ludovena Anyango, Franciscan Sisters of St.Ann-SLDI Alumnae: Administrator,School for the disables
    • Sr.Albina Nanjala, Franciscan Sisters of St.Joseph-SLDI Alumnae: Administrator,Hostel
    • Sr.Regina Mungothi, Benebikira Sisters- SLDI/HESA Alumnae: Just finished HESA Program
    • Sr. Ursula Agge, Medical Missionaries of Mary-SLDI Alumane: Finance manager
    • Sr. Mary Wambui: Evangelizing Sisters of Mary (SLDI Mentee); Ministry: HIV/ AIDS Project
    • Sr. Ruth Nasimiyu:Evangelizing Sisters of Mary(SLDI/HESA Alumnae); Ministry: Administrator of a high school and Community Superior


Observe Superiors Workshop

Observe Global Sisters Report session at Superior’s Workshop

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