Conrad N. Hilton Foundation visits SLDI participants in Zambia during finance training

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sr. Jane Wakahiu, Interim Director for Catholic Sisters Program and former ASEC Executive Director, addresses the SLDI students.

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Sisters in Zambia express gratitude to ASEC and The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for the love and support they show to African Sisters. The expression comes with the timely visit to Lusaka by Hilton Foundation staff.

Sr. Jane Wakahiu, Interim Director for Catholic Sisters Program, and former ASEC Executive Director, visited sisters at the Kalundu Study Centre, in Lusaka, Zambia during their Finance I training in June 2017. She was accompanied by Tarra McNally, a Health Evaluator.

On behalf the participants and indeed myself, I wish to express our sincere gratitude for the support you are rendering to sisters in Zambia and the other African countries. Your initiative has enabled many of us to gain skills that will benefit us, our ministries and all the people whose lives we touch.

The SLDI program has empowered us with knowledge and relevant skills. We are not at the same level we were when we came here. We can now confidently handle a cash book, ledgers and bank statements, to mention a few.

I must also express our gratitude for the gift of laptops to support our work and ease our training. We promise to put them to good use.

Please extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Hilton Foundation and other donors. We know they are making big sacrifices to make ASEC programs a success. We thank them for their financial, spiritual, moral and material support.

The need for such trainings cannot be over emphasised. We ask that you continue to empower us in similar and other ways. There is a saying,

“When you educate a woman you have educated the whole world.”

We wish to translate this to our context,

“When you educate one religious woman you have educated the whole Church.”

We are in debt to you, and we promise to spread the knowledge and skills we have gained, near and far. Thank you very much for your visit to us at the close of the first phase of training. Your presence here is a reflection of your love, and the importance you attach to this program.

God bless you all.

Inspired by your gracious presence,

Sr. Chrisencia Mkume and 2017 SLDI Finance Track I participants, Zambia

Group photo: Sr. Jane with Zambia SLDI Finance Track I participants (June, 2017).

Group photo: Sr. Jane with Zambia SLDI Finance Track I participants (June, 2017).

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SLDI Finance I Participant, Zambia  

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