Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, LSMIG named new ASEC Executive Director

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, LSMIG with Mr. Julius Ahimisimbwe, facilitator of the SLDI Finance II workshop, at the ARU Secretariat in Kampala, Uganda.

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A warm ASEC welcome to our newly appointed ASEC Executive Director, Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, LSMIG, Ph.D. Sr. Draru began her position in the Scranton USA offices on Monday, November 20, 2017.

A warm ASEC welcome to Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, the newly appointed ASEC Executive Director. She is of the congregation Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu (LSMIG) in Northern Uganda and began her role as ASEC Executive Director in November 2017.

Sr. Draru has vast experience on gender, education and sustainable development in Africa. She received her Ph.D. in September, 2017 from Radboud University in Nijmegen, Holland after successfully defending her doctoral thesis, Education Pathways: Narratives of Female Academics and Administrators.

Prior to her new role as ASEC Executive Director, Sr. Draru spent 15 years serving at ASEC’s HESA partner insititution, Uganda Martyrs University (UMU). Her most recent role at UMU was Dean of Students, where she was responsible for student welfare, student extracurricular activities and managing alumnae relations.

In September, Sr. Draru had the opportunity to address SLDI Finance II Workshop participants in Uganda. She encouraged the sisters to embrace all educational opportunities given to them in order to improve professionalism in their Congregations and ministries.

The sisters prayed for her that God will be always there for her and that our Mother Mary may accompany her always.

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Sr. Draru Mary Cecilia, LSMIG, Ph.D.

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