Collaborating for Impact in Zambia

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Members of the Hilton Foundation board and staff traveled to Zambia to visit ongoing Hilton Foundation projects carried out by grantee partners in two of our strategic initiatives: the Catholic Sisters Initiative and the Children Affected by HIV and AIDS Initiative. From the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Zambia is home to awe-inspiring natural wonders, an abundance of wildlife and a burgeoning economy. However, largely due to the prevalence of HIV and AIDS, poverty is widespread and life expectancy is among the lowest in the world.

Congregations of Catholic Sisters are faith-based community organizations that often work with young children but are seldom given the opportunity for education in early childhood development. So, the Hilton's Children Affected by HIV and AIDS initiative combined with the initiatives of Catholic Sisters in Zambia provided a partnership opportunity where they could work together. Representatives from the Hilton Foundation visited Zambia to meet their partners and beneficiaries and to understand the context in which they work.

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Be a Ray of Hope

Communities across Africa are counting on Catholic Sisters, but 71% lack the education needed to carry out their important mission work. You can be a Ray of Hope for a Sister who needs you by donating to her education today.

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Lisa Bohmer

Lisa Bohmer
Director, Global Early Childhood Development Initiative, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation - USA  

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