The Voice from the Cross: A Meditation

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Remember that My death on the cross was out of love for you. And I die daily for love of you. O My child, I am your Jesus, would you console Me?

Calvary greetings

I know my handwriting will not be so clear
as it were I once wrote you (cf. Jn. 8:6)
because now I am writing with my hand fixed to the cross with nail
for love of you;
that is why this letter is painted with blood.
My heart is bleeding.

From the way you live, I am moved to write
because your life makes Me doubt if you understand
that I am dying in great pains for the love of the you.
Do you still doubt my love for you even as you see Me hanging on the cross
in deep pain and bitter anguish for your sake?
Do not stand from a distance, come closer, gaze on me
and you will see what your sins did to Me, your God.
My head was crowned with thorns, and the most painful thing about My crown
was that it went deep into My skin that it is even very difficult to fall off,
and attempt to bring it out would cause me deeper injury,
so it is better if left that way.
Do you know that I cannot even rest my head on the cross
because, when once I tried,
my crown of thorns torn the veins in my head
that a new stream of blood was opened up?

I was only praying that through this pain in My head,
that you, My beloved child, would offer Me
your mind, memory, eyes, ears, tongue, nose and lips,
in fact, every part of your body;
so that I will use these organs for My glory,
but, it seemed you were not touched.
I opened My eyes which were covered with blood,
but I could only see My beloved Mother; oh My sweet Mother Mary.
Why would anyone be surprised if I took into heaven
the body and soul of that Woman who was with Me from womb to My tomb.
Heaven cannot pay Mary enough for her role in the drama of salvation,
unless she is paid with heaven.
Mary Assumption means heaven paying Mary with heaven,
in a unique divine style.
What a blessed privilege.
I saw too, John, Mary Magdalene and Mary Cleopas,
but I sought for you, My child;I sought for you,
oh My beloved child and I did not see you.
And I cast My closing eyes even unto those who were looking on from a distance
and oh my beloved child, you were nowhere to be found.
Where were you?
Oh where are you even now that you are reading this letter from My heart?
Would you still return to that bed of sexual lust, that sin of masturbation, that sin of pornography;
When I, your God, am still in great pains suffering on the cross for you?
Oh the sins of the flesh which had led many great souls into the abyss of eternal damnation?
Oh the sins which more than every other sin have led more souls into hell.
Tell me My child, have you ever been satisfied by that sin?
With that sin the devil promises ecstasy, but in the long run, you are denied of the lasting ecstasy, of heaven;
And worst still, you are left without the peace of soul.
Each sin tears My wound afresh,
but, I always feel the pains from the wounds caused by the sins of the flesh more.
Oh My beloved child, if you are not touched by My suffering and death on the cross
what else would move you?
What joy could sin offer you that I am unable to offer?
The sin of pride is the first enemy that those who really love Me must fight and conquer,
or else, the world might regard them as saints but in My eyes they are simply corpses.
While on cross, I was seeing how the rich are maltreating and marginalizing the poor;
how married couples are cheating on each other;
how Christians have queued up in various hospitals,
waiting for abortion, waiting to have their wombs torn apart;
and some teenagers who have their mothers, Christian mothers, behind them,
to support them in committing abortion;
how lecturers exploit and abuse their students before allowing them to pass their examinations;
how teachers accept bribe rather than stand up against educational structures.
I saw the horrible things my children are doing in various market places
all in the name of making money.
And I peeped into the various party houses to see those for whose sake I died, doing things horrible.
When I tried to look into the churches, the thick cloud of scandal, the stinking odor of sacrilege,
and the quest for wealth among the pastors only served as a heap of salt on My wounds.

Send this letter to all My children,
tell them that I will be expecting them soonest.
I only beg you of this:
remember that My death on the cross was out of love for you.
And I die daily for love of you.
O My child, I am your Jesus,
would you console Me?

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Sr. Maria Ebelechi Muodieze, IHM

Sr. Maria Ebelechi Muodieze, IHM
SLDI Participant - Nigeria  

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