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ASEC is serving Catholic Sisters in 10 sub-Saharan African countries, providing access to educational opportunities. There is much to celebrate regarding the work of ASEC and the impact of Sisters who are benefiting from our programs.

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We encourage current participants and alumnae of our programs contribute their own news and success stories. Below you will find impactful stories and reflections by Sisters, written in their own words.

Holistic Education in Lesotho by Sr.Sylvia Sekei Holy Cross, Lesotho, (12/3/2021) (PDF)

Planting Thousands of Trees at the School by Sr Gloria Adoga, SSND, Nigeria, (11/18/2021) (PDF)

A Brazilian Sister's Experience With ASEC by Liana de Jesus, Kenya, (8/26/2021) (PDF)

Changing Lives and Building Hope Through Education by Sr. Hilda Mary Kaleha, Kenya, (8/26/2021) (PDF)

Overcoming My Fear of Technology by Sr. Emily Jeptoo, Kenya, (8/26/2021) (PDF)

Knowledge is a Tool to Bring Power to the People by Sr. Asumpta Muchendu , Kenya, (8/26/2021) (PDF)

Becoming a Role Model for Women tp Pursue Education by Sr. Angeline Khati Sakwa, Kenya, (8/26/2021) (PDF)

From 2-Year Scholarship Student to Facilitator by Sister Prisca Mangoni, Malawi, (8/17/2021) (PDF)

Mentoring Hilda, a Youth in Our Parish by Sr Monica Nharikwa - Little Children of our Blessed Lady Sisters, Malawi, (8/17/2021) (PDF)

My Life's Check by Sr. Ndah Carlsandra, Cameroon, (8/17/2021) (PDF)

The Joy of Religious Obedience by Sr. Mildred Abofong, Cameroon, (8/17/2021) (PDF)

Nutrition Program for Malnourished Children at Sr. Monica Health Center Ndop-Cameroon by Sr. Nko Josephine, Cameroon, (8/16/2021) (PDF)

The Pieces of Peace by Sr. Eveline Bih Ambe, Cameroon, (8/16/2021) (PDF)

Human Trafficking - A Vrus in our Millenium by Sr. Christabel Mashuka, OLA, Nigeria, (8/16/2021) (PDF)

Put a Smile On Their Faces by Sr. Ernestine Mbu, Cameroon, (8/14/2021) (PDF)

Water for Life: My story of Yokadouma, East Cameroon by Sr. Yvette Sam, Cameroon, (8/14/2021) (PDF)

A Wonderful Experience by Sr. Annette Rosa, Cameroon, (8/14/2021) (PDF)

Beyond Professional Training - Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Sr. Benedicte Houetohossou, Cameroon, (8/14/2021) (PDF)

How I Use My SLDI Skills To Minister to the People of God as an OLA Sister by Sr. Veronica Odunlami, OLA, Nigeria, (8/12/2021) (PDF)

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News by Sr. GraceAnn Iguve O.P., Nigeria, (8/12/2021) (PDF)

What is Forgiveness? How Do I Forgive? by Sr. BasiliaMario Ifeanyichukwu HFSN, Nigeria, (8/10/2021) (PDF)

Addressing Teenage Pregnancy in the Catholic Church by Sr. Monica Ichife U. RSC, Nigeria, (8/10/2021) (PDF)

Who are the DCPB Sisters in Nigeria by Sr. Emila Umezurike DCPB, Nigeria, (8/10/2021) (PDF)

Solar Panel Installation Brings Light and Learning to St. Eizabeth Nursery School by Sr. Molly Namagembe, DM, Uganda, (8/9/2021) (PDF)

The First Online SLDI Basic Tech Workshop was a Success in Uganda by Sr. Prossy Naturinda, Uganda, (8/9/2021) (PDF)

Attending HESA Orientation Online - Impossible Mission or Precious Gift? by Sr. Prisca Aciro, LSMIG, Uganda, (8/9/2021) (PDF)

Starting and Vegetable and Poultry Project for My Community by Sr. Judith Atukwatse, OLGC, Uganda, (8/6/2021) (PDF)

Youth Piggery Project Made Possible By Project Writing Skills Learned in SLDI by Sr. Judith Atukwatse, OLGC, Uganda, (8/6/2021) (PDF)

Broadcasting Mass via Facebook Live and Zoom During the Pandemic by Sr. Judith Atukwatse, OLGC, Uganda, (8/6/2021) (PDF)

The New Author in Town by Sr. Esther Koros, OSF, Kenya, (8/5/2021) (PDF)

Spreading the Good News Through Mentoring and Listening by Sr. Esther Opeyemi Kolawole DHS, Nigeria, (8/2/2021) (PDF)

Tanzania Wins 2020 ASEC News Award by SR. ROSELYNE WAMBANI WAFULA, Tanzania, (7/26/2021) (PDF)

Christians Should Accommodate Refugees by SR. VERONICHAH MOGUNDE, Tanzania, (7/26/2021) (PDF)

How To Support Refugees by SR. VERONICA JOHN MTEI, Tanzania, (7/26/2021) (PDF)

Advocating for the Vulnerable Because of SLDI by Sr. Veronica Nkom, OLF, Nigeria, (7/26/2021) (PDF)

Why it is Sad to be a Refugee by Sr. Bernadeta Mwanshalushe, Tanzania, (7/22/2021) (PDF)

Emergency Management Essay Paper by Sr. Ruth Afful Mensah, HDR, Ghana, (7/16/2021) (PDF)

The Difference Between Displaced Persons and Refugees by Sr. Ruth Afful Mensah, HDR, Ghana, (7/16/2021) (PDF)

Safety and Protection Definitions by Sr. Ruth Afful Mensah, HDR, Ghana, (7/16/2021) (PDF)

Empowered to Love and Serve as a Skilled Financial Manager and Leader by Sr. Winfred Ngii Mwanza, Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Turning Mirrors into Windows - The Power of SLDI by Sr. Virginia Njeri, Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Take Control of Finances - Budget, Save, Invest by Sr. Nancy Munene, Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Garden of Roses by Sr. Mary Maureen Muli, Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Becoming an Investment Decision Manager Through SLDI Training by Sr. Concepta Cynthia Keya , Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Inspired by Strategic Planning by Sr. Celestine Akumu, Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Enlightened by SLDI Finance and Effective Leadership Training by Sr Miletetsega Andemariam , Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Equipped with Confidence from Technology and Finance Skills Learned in SLDI by Sr. Lucia Munyiva , Kenya, (6/30/2021) (PDF)

Women’s Health is Vital For Our Development as a Family, Society and Nation by Sr. Mastidia Clemence Mutabuzi, Tanzania, (6/29/2021) (PDF)

Actualising Change Management After SLDI by Sr. Benedeta Narosto Otieno , Kenya, (6/24/2021) (PDF)

How SLDI Program Has Influenced My Understanding of Leadership by Sr. Jeniffer Mutiso , Kenya, (6/24/2021) (PDF)

SLDI Training Aids in Strategic Planning for Administrator St. Damiano Mission Hospital by Sr. Jacinta Kisangau, Kenya, (6/24/2021) (PDF)

Importance of Team Building Newsletter by Sr. Caroline Munene, Kenya, (6/24/2021) (PDF)

On Staying Positive: I Am Made For Happiness by Sr. Veronica Odunlami, OLA, Nigeria, (6/21/2021) (PDF)

Using SLDI Mentorship Skills as a Vocation Promoter by Sr Rachael Munyungi, Malawi, (6/9/2021) (PDF)

Food Production for the Vulnerable in Lesotho by Theresia Noko, Lesotho, (6/7/2021) (PDF)

Teaching Young Men To Care For The Environment During Laudato Si Week by Albertina Nkunyane, Lesotho, (5/24/2021) (PDF)

Sr Mary Expresses Appreciation for HESA Program in Uganda by Sr. Kulume Mary, MSMMC , Uganda, (4/27/2021) (PDF)

The Story of Early Motherhood by Sr. Monica Ichife, RSC, Nigeria, (4/22/2021) (PDF)

Emergency Response For A Child's Life, My Faith Story by Sr. Mary Ojonugwa Unwuchola, MSHR, Nigeria, (4/22/2021) (PDF)

My Experience with ASEC Beneficiaries in Malawi by Rev. Dr Alfred Chaima, Malawi, (3/16/2021) (PDF)

Combining education with my religious life through ASEC's HESA program by Sr. Helen Nzeakpawusi MC, Nigeria, (3/3/2021) (PDF)

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