HESA Students at CUCG Top of Class for 3 Consecutive Years

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Photos from the 2020 Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG) graduation ceremony on October 31, 2020. Afterwards, a celebration took place for the 13 HESA CUCG graduates.

Sr. Phliomena, Sr. Felicity and Sr. Gifty make HESA participants the top graduating students at Catholic University College of Ghana for three consecutive years.

A Higher Education for Sisters in Africa (HESA) program student is the top graduating student and valedictorian from Catholic University College of Ghana for the third consecutive year.

Sr. Gifty Anastasia Blewu, Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church (SMMC) received awards for Overall Best Student and Best Female Student in Education at a graduation ceremony held October 31, 2020. 

Sr. Gifty joined HESA in 2017 and received her Bachelor’s of Education, with a specialty in English. Her final research was an investigation into solid waste dispace practices among students in the Keta municipality, Ghana. During her time at the Catholic University, Sr. Gifty excelled, earning a 4.00 GPA. She was also selected to give the valedictory address to the graduating class of 2020. 

Among HESA 2020 graduates from Catholic University College of Ghana, Sr. Gifty is not alone in her excellence. Among 13 undergraduate graduates, 8 sisters, including Sr. Gifty earned First Class Honors; 4 earned Second Class Honors, Upper Division; 1 earned Third Class Honors. The October 2020 graduates also included the first HESA students who started their coursework at Rosemont College graduated from Catholic University College of Ghana and two Masters level graduates. 

Sr. Gifty marks a HESA student receiving the award for the top graduating student at Catholic University College of Ghana for a third consecutive year. Sr. Felicity Amikiya, Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ), was the Overall Best Student in 2019, and Sr. Philomena Aboagye-Danso, Daughters of the Most Holy Trinity (FST), in 2018. Both sisters received Bachelors of Education degrees. Sr. Philomena began her journey in HESA at Chestnut Hill College, through the online-onsite partnership between Chestnut Hill and Catholic University College of Ghana. 

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Sr. Gifty Anastasia Blewu, SHCJ
Profiled in article
HESA Participant - Ghana  

Sr. Felicity Amikiya, SHCJ
Profiled in article
HESA Participant - Ghana  

Sr. Philomena Aboagye-Danso, FST

Sr. Philomena Aboagye-Danso, FST
Profiled in article
HESA Alumna - Ghana  

Rosemary A. Shaver, E.Ed.

Rosemary A. Shaver, E.Ed.
Senior Program Manager, Programs  

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