First SLDI Participant Impacts Thousands Annually in Kenya

African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC)

Sr. Lucy motivates and encourages child exam candidates in their education milestones.

Utilizing skills from her SLDI training, Sr. Lucy Kanjira Kirichia, RGS, a member of the first SLDI cohort in 2007, has expanded to serving over 1,600 individuals, demonstrating the profound impact of her dedication and the SLDI program on her community.

Sr. Lucy Kanjira Kirichia, RGS, was a member of the first SLDI cohort in 2007, completing the Project Design Track, a track of SLDI that has since been retired. Since then, she has become a valued member of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity the Good Shepherd (RGS) in Kenya and has utilized her knowledge to serve thousands of individuals.

Sr. Lucy was one of the first SLDI alumnae to be visited by ASEC’s newly implemented M & E Officer in September 2023. The M & E Officer was able to travel to the site of Sr. Lucy’s ministry in Kangeta, Kenya, and spoke not only to Sr. Lucy, inquiring about the services she provides, but also to the people that Sr. Lucy serves. At the site, the M & E Officer found that Sr. Lucy assists in managing multiple projects for her congregation including a school for orphans and vulnerable children, a home for teenage mothers, and an economic empowerment program for the elderly. 

After completion of SLDI, Sr. Lucy was assigned to lead a subproject at the Good Shepherd site. Over time, Sr. Lucy was promoted to oversee the entire Good Shepherd site, a position she has now held for nearly ten years.

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Sr. Lucy speaks to members of the community about the importance of education.

Sr. Lucy speaks to members of the community about the importance of education.

Sr. Lucy reported that since completing SLDI she regularly utilizes community mobilization and record-keeping skills to help parents within her community. Sr. Lucy helps children, young people, and parents develop life skills through mentorship to aid in the development of self-esteem and resilience. Furthermore, she assists individuals in increasing their financial literacy, provides education for children in need, and protects girl children from harmful cultural practices such as early marriage and female genital mutilation. When Sr. Lucy began working at the site, she reports she was serving 65 children annually. Today, Sr. Lucy oversees the service provision for more than 1,600 children, young people, and parents annually.

Sr. Lucy humbly attributes the success of her program to the community surrounding her, noting that the program would not be able to be maintained without the involvement of the community. Mark Kaberia, Area Chief-Kingora, states, “She has done a lot of commendable work.” He further recalled the importance of the training Sr. Lucy completed to mobilize groups, assist the community, and aid in taking children back to school.

Sr. Lucy’s dedication to her growth and education and to Our Lady of Charity the Good Shepherd has aided the lives of thousands of individuals. Participation in SLDI, all those years ago, allowed her to grow her existing skills to best serve her congregation. Sr. Lucy, one of the oldest alumni of ASEC’s SLDI program, is a testament to the impact of ASEC-SLDI. She is greatly appreciated among her congregation and by ASEC for her hard work and dedication to positively impact her community.

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Sr. Lucy Kanjira, RGS
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SLDI Alumna, Project Director Track - Kenya  

Sneh Akruvala, PhD, MS, BSN

Sneh Akruvala, PhD, MS, BSN
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Tara Lopatofsky, PhD, CCLS
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