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Monica Simon

Monica Simon

Web Content Manager

It feels like a true blessing to be ASEC’s Web Content Manager! 

I am a communications professional who was born and raised in Scranton, Pa. After graduating from Penn State University with a dual degree in Advertising/Public Relations and Psychology, I have always hoped to use my skills to make a positive impact on the world. After years of introspection on my beliefs and values, ASEC’s dedication to faith, education and service struck a personal chord with me. I truly believe we can all grow from diverse interactions and sharing personal wisdom. 

A true passion of mine is to craft stories that can help others grow through empathy, understanding or gaining new knowledge. When we commit to understanding others, we automatically commit to growing with others as well. Therefore, we can only grow if we are willing to share and bond over our personal experiences. (And of course listen to the perspectives of others!)

My personal interests include learning about sociology, history, and psychology, practicing my faith, and learning everything I can about this world while I am lucky enough to be in it. In my free time I enjoy painting, playing guitar, and chasing my pet rabbit around the living room. 

Contact Information
P: 570-961-4519