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Tara Lopatofsky, Ph.D., CCLS

Tara Lopatofsky, Ph.D., CCLS

HESA Evaluator
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My prior experiences have all contributed to my newly appointed Higher Education for Sisters in Africa Program Evaluator position at ASEC.  I have spent many years advocating for children and disadvantaged populations. I have particular interest in the global perspective given my prior study abroad involvement and work with other cross-country charitable foundations. I have seen firsthand the positive change that comes from partnerships and innovative educational opportunities. 

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development with a Minor in Sociology from Arizona State University.  I also completed the BCS Collaborative Child Life Internship in Arizona and am a Certified Child Life Specialist.  In addition, I completed my Masters of Education in Elementary and Special Education at Arizona State University.  I am currently pursing my Doctorate in Human Development (Health Promotion Track) at Marywood University. 

My research interests include an interdisciplinary approach to social work, education and healthcare.  I am passionate about education and believe in the opportunities quality education can offer.  I am excited to be a part of the African Sisters Education Collaborative.  I intend for my work as the HESA Program Evaluator to assist in presenting the effectiveness of the HESA program and inspire future program developments.